Monday, February 19, 2007

Meals for the Family -

Saturday 2/24 thru Saturday 3/3

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to bring a meal for the family. It's amazing how a such a simple thing can help make the day a little easier for Marilee.

If you can bring a meal for week 2, please leave a comment and I'll put you on the schedule. Several people are trying to click on the Google calendar (sidebar) to sign up, but it's only for viewing purposes. The best way to sign up is to e-mail me ( or leave a comment.

Week 2 is a bit up in the air. It's possible that the memorial service may fall mid-week, and it's also possible that Marilee and the kids will—as tradition dictates!—join several neighborhood families for our annual snow/ski trip. I will contact everyone at least a day in advance to let them know if their meal is still needed. Thanks for your patience with this.

Saturday, February 24
LUNCH - Rumberger Family
DINNER - Horan Family

Sunday, February 25
LUNCH - Williams Family
DINNER - Leventhal Family

Monday, February 26
LUNCH - Kathryn Sauers
DINNER - Graf Family

Tuesday, February 27
LUNCH - Montes/Wadhams Family
DINNER - Kenny Family

Wednesday, February 28
LUNCH - Judy Herrera
DINNER - Greenough Family

Thursday, March 1
LUNCH - Sara Hodge
DINNER - Stephanie Flynn

Friday, March 2
LUNCH - McIntosh/Crowley Family
DINNER - Melissa Nediver

Saturday, March 3
LUNCH - Wolf Family
DINNER - Jeffie & Nick


Anonymous said...

I would love to provide lunch or dinner on Feb. 28th or lunch on March 1st.
Sara Hodge

ver said...

Thanks Sara! I'll put you down for lunch on March 1st.

Anonymous said...

Veronica, we can do lunch on Sat Mar 3.
Andrew and Drewry

ver said...

Thanks Andrew and Drewry! You're in...

vickie nelson said...

Hi Veronica- You are a God send.
I would like to provide a meal or perhaps some muffins for an easy snack or breakfast for the kids.
I am available Feb 27 on.
Just let me know.

Vickie Nelson
School friend

Janet Ball Ferrari said...

Hi Veronica,

We don't know the Brooks family very well but live close in the park. My fifth grader, Jaxon, is Grant's big buddy at St. Matts. We can provide a meal any day that is needed.

Thank you.

Janet Ball Ferrari

Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica,
Just to let you know...Joanne Stodgel will be helping out on lunch for everyone on Monday, February 26th. She was happy to be able to do something for the family.

ver said...

Hi Kathryn! Please send Joanne a big 'thank you!'