Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Your thoughts on today's beautiful service are most welcome. Meanwhile, here are a few more pictures of Todd, courtesy of Mike and Tara Kesecker.

Here are Todd and Marilee, apparently getting "a little bit country":


Todd with his son Grant:


Todd with his dear friends the Keseckers:

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Amir Sharif said...

Todd's passing is a great loss. His untimely departure is a tragedy for his family and for the broader community.

Todd was a mentor, an adviser, and a leader. Anoop, Xiaodong, and I first met Todd by virtue of his sponsoring the Mayfield Fellows program at UC Berkeley. Without intending to, Todd impressed us by his acumen, sharp insights, and interpersonal skills. His easygoing demeanor often masked his greatness behind a veil of modesty and self-deprecating humor.

Overtime, we spent many hours with Todd to discuss various matters and seek his advice and mentoring. At every juncture, we walked away from our meetings with him better informed, more focused, and highly energized. Todd always exuded calmness, communicated clearly, and conveyed great strength. This made each meeting with him more than an information exchange; each meeting with him was a source of inspiration and a harbinger of what true leadership can be.

Words, no matter how eloquently strung together, cannot capture our sadness and our sense of loss. We have lost a mentor and a friend. The community has lost a great man.

Todd will be remembered fondly; he will be missed greatly.

Amir Sharif, Anoop Sinha, and Xiaodong Jiang